New Cavalier Hotel Bed Bug Scam

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New Cavalier Hotel Bed Bug Scam

Winnipeg Manitoba

1650 Regent Ave W R2C 3B5


Owned by Mr Magoo, Luciano Viselli

The freshly renovated New Cavalier Winnipeg Hotel offers exceptional bed bugs and reasonable large size cockroaches.

Combined with our rude staff, the New Cavalier Hotel Winnipeg is the ideal location for both corporate and leisure

travelers to the Winnipeg area who like to be bitten by 500 plus bed bugs in the middle of the night.

Our family stayed at this bug infested hole they call newly renovated run by some Mr Magoo with an Italain accent

who could barely speak English, upon our arrival we could see ants and cockroaches crawling infront of the main

entrance doors, due to the low prices we decided to over look this

luckily we had carried spare change with us for there were 2 homeless people playing instruments guitar and drums

outside the main entrance who wouldnt let us go by without making a contribution to their tim hortons cups

when we asked who they were they said that they were the weekly advertised entertainment

after a long journey we took the family into the restaurant where myself and the wife had coffee which the waitress

brought us in dirty cups for there was still lisp stick on the rims of the cups and dirty teaspoons.

As for the breakfast it was horrible, the eggs were runny not cooked all the way, the toast was burnt black

the bacon and sausages were harder than a rock, what was even worse the wife half way eating her 2 eggs sunny side

up found a cockroach on her plate hiding under her egg when our kids saw this they were screaming in horror

some character looking like Mr Magoo came over to our table and said I am Luciano sounding exactly like Rocky Balboa

I almost felt like asking this combination of Mr Magoo and Rocky Balboa if Adrian was the one cooking in the kitchen

This Luciano Mr Magoo apologized for the bad breakfast and dirty dishes and said they he gets free kitchen help

from the CNIB in Winnipeg and that his kitchen staff cant see a thing,

"who needs to pay for kitchen staff when you can get blind ones for free" was LUciano's motto made sense, because

no one is going to see them anyway

this Mr Magoo Luciano is a very smart business man

after breakfast we went to the front desk and was given complimentary keys on the house when we got to our room,

it had a musky odour and smelled like a gym there were 2 big beds which were not made up and looked like the last

guests were in a rush to leave when we pulled back the covers it seemed like the last occupant was a bed wetter

along with brown spots making myself and the wife think back to

Team America Dream Police, could this have been the set for the movie

and as for the other bed looked like the Houston 500 with just as many semen spots

we then called the front desk and again Luciano came up and apologized saying that during the week they rent rooms

by the hour because prices are much lower that many of the guests prefer the cheap rooms rather than their back seats

again Luciano proves he is a smart business man renting rooms by the hour to help clean Winnipeg Streets and doing a

great service to his community

again we were compensated with 7 day free stay all inclusive he made us an offer that we couldn't refuse so we took

up Luciano's offer

being familiar with the restaurant food

we went to the Cathay House for a nice Chinese dinner

all went well and we even watched movies till late in the middle of the night the children was screaming my wife

and I went over to our childrens beds and lifted the sheets and low and behold hundreds of hungry bed bugs

crawling all over our our little girl and boy

then I called out to the wife "you got bed bugs all over you"

and she was yelling and screaming as she was shaking off the bed bugs

and i also was shaking off the bed bugs that wouldn't let go of their midnight snack

we got the children dressed right away

packed up our bags and left in the middle of the night swearing never to return to

"the Norman Bates motel"

we brought our children into the emergency where they were

cared for bed bug bites the nurse behind the front desk when we explained the bed bugs

she said to us

"wait dont tell me, you stayed at The New Cavalier Hotel or Motor Inn"

I asked her "yes how did you know"

"we get people coming in quite often with bed bug bites" was her reply

and when I asked why Luciano don't spray for bed bugs the nurse told us

Luciano's reply he gave to the hospital

"why spray for bed bugs when you can give such low prices"

again we see the genius of Luciano

what a smart businessman

not spraying for bed bugs and in return passing on the savings to us customers

and what a loving and caring man not evicting thousands if not millions of

bed bugs from his establishment, we are sure he will be honored by PETA

and feeding the hungry cockroaches in the kitchen not letting again

thousands if not millions of those poor cockroaches go hungry

We the be bug bitten family like to honor Mr Magoo Luciano with the smart business award

for his great achievements

1. saving money on doormen by having guests being greeted by ants and cockroaches at the front door

2. saving money on entertainment by having pan handlers playing drums and guitar outside the front

doors for the weekly entertainment

3. hiring free blind kitchen staff like cooks and dish washers supporting the CNIB not having to

pay wages to people with good eye sight again savings Luciano passes on to us custmers

4. renting rooms by the hour during the week to help clean up Winnipeg streets passing

on the savings to the regular over night room rates

The New Cavalier Hotel great savings is you don't mind being dined on by bed bugs in

the middle of the night

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